diBar cubeQR

Small body but huge work
diBar cubeQR
  • One-dimensional bar code
  • Two-dimensional bar code



GS1-128 supported

Compatible with GS1-128 healthcare standard. With installing this optional fucntion, Application Identifier(AI) is detected, then the output data can be editted.

Barcodes readable on the LCD screen

It can read a barcode on the LCD screen such as on a tablet PC, on a smartphone. This feature enables to read mobile coupon QR code issued by wallet softwares.

Data format editing function

The data format editing function is flexible to use. It enables to insert optional characters into deignated positions of the read data or removing specified characters out of the read data.

HID POS compatible

cubeQR Extremely Compact and light weight

Extremely Compact and light weight

Super-compact, space saving and easy to use design demarcate the cube QR from other general 2D code readers. Dimensions:25(W) x 30(L) x 20(D) mm weight:approx. 8grams (without cable)

Usage scenes and applications

For Kiosk and ATMs
For Kiosk and ATMs
For entrance gates
For entrance gates
Embedded and integration solutions
Embedded and integration solutions

Versatile applications by additional functions

GS1 code editor

The Application Identifier (AI) is automatically detected from the read data and transmitted at 4 patterns editing format.

GS1 format checker

Checks the Application Identifier (AI) or AI data is correctly encoded in the format.

Data verification function


Item Symbologies
Linear Codabar, Code 11, Code 128, Code 2 of 5, Code 39, Code 93 and 93i, EAN/JAN-13, EAN/JAN 8, IATA Code 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI, GS1 Databar, UPC-A, UPC E, UPC-A/EAN-13 with Extended coupon Code, Coupon GS1 Code 32(PARAF), EAN-UCC Emulation, GS1 DataBar
2D Stacked Codablock A, Codablock F, PDF417, MicroPDF417 2D Matrix: Aztec Code, Data Matrix, MaxiCode, QR Code, Chinese Sensible(Han Xin) code
Postal Codes Australian Post, British Post, Canadian Post, China Post, Japanese Post, Korea Post, Netherlands Post, Planet Code, Postnet


Item Specifications
Interface USB(HID, COM), RS232C
Illumination LED White LED
Aimer LED Red LED
Sensor CMOS 640x480pixel
Motion tolerances 100cm/s(UPC 100% at optimal focal point)
Typical frame rate 30 frame/sec
Scan Angles Tilt ±180°, Pitch ±45°, Skew ±45°
Depth of Field 50~250mm(NB=0.4mm)
PCS 30% min.
Maximum barcode size 110mm
Minimum code resolution 0.127mm(code 39)
Reader window size 25mm
Drop 1.2m to concrete
Ambient light 0~100,000lux
Input voltage DC5%V ±5%
Power consumption Operating mode under 300mA
Standby mode 25mA
Temperature Operating temperature -10~40℃
Storage temperature -20~60℃
Humidity Relative humidity 95% non-freezing, non-condensing (@40°C)
Dimensions W25xL30xD20mm
weight approx.8grams (without cable)
Cable length USB cable Approx. 1.5m
RS232 cable Approx. 2.0m
MTBF 70,000 hours (2D engine)
Regulatory approvals and compliant FCC, CE Class B, VCCI
Warranty 3 year

Typical reading field

Codes Minimum distance Maximum distance Depth of field
code 39(0.127mm) 61mm 130mm 69mm
code 39(0.508mm) 60mm 380mm 320mm
UPC100%(0.33mm) 55mm 280mm 225mm
PDF417(0.17mm) 60mm 125mm 65mm
Data Matrix(0.254mm) 60mm 130mm 70mm
QR code(0.508mm) 50mm 230mm 180mm

The values indicated above are reference values which were measured under the following conditions: (actual values), and are not guaranteed values. The values may be different or impacted by environmental conditions such as code quality and/or ambient illumination. Customers are strongly recommended to verify the optimal reading distance by the actual pre-operational testing.

  • Distances are from the imager window
  • Ambient illumination 535lux, Room temperature 23℃
  • Tested with recommended quality standard code



Name Compatible models File
Product Brochure (cat-cubeqr.pdf) cubeQR


diBar 2D reader Quick guide (dibar2d-qg.pdf) slimQR, cubeQR


diBar 2D reader User guide (dibar2d-ug.pdf) slimQR, cubeQR


USB COM port emulation driver (db2dcomdriver.zip) slimQR, cubeQR


OPOS driver (db2dopos.zip) slimQR, cubeQR


Image capture utility (diBar2d_win.zip) slimQR, cubeQR


Optional function with quick guide (plugin-ug.zip) slimQR, cubeQR



Model number Specifications
cubeQR-USB area imager, USB interface(HID/COM/HID-POS), 1.5m
cubeQR-microUSB area imager, microUSB interface(HID/COM/HID-POS), 1.5m
cubeQR-RS area imager, RS232C interface, 2m straight cable, AC adapter optional
cubeQR-RS-TG(*1) area imager, RS232C interface (PIN1- external trigger input), 2m straight cable, AC adapter optional
SW-AD1-DB2D(*2) Optional functions: GS1 code editor/GS1 format checker/Code verification function (Optional function(s) must be ordered at the same time when slimQR/cube QR main unit ordere is placed.)
PS5V Power supply adapter, AC input, DC5V output

(*1)This is a special model in which an external trigger signal is assigned to pin 1 of the Dsub9 connector. When connecting to a PC or the like, via this Dsub9 connector, it is necessary to place a relay cable to derive the external trigger signal (PIN 1) Please note that you can not connect this Dsub9 connector directly to a PC or the like devices. If you do not need an external trigger signal, please use the normal model “cubeQR-RS”.

(*2)Optional function(s) must be ordered at the same time when slimQR/cubeQR main unit order is placed.


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